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AceGateway (AG)
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AceGateway (AG)

AceNet provides several models of product which are suitable for different scales of network environment.

Outstanding performance
With powerful proprietary patented ASIC chip (named as SSPP™) and PCB design, the AG Series actually provide excellent and stable performance, even in the network which full of size packets.

Application visibility
Bases on the FloWALL™ DPI and DFI technology, AG Series can recognize hundreds of service and application from huge amounts of network traffic.

Detailed network activity log
No matter firewall access log, address translating log or session activity log, AceNet provides you a hardware based logging and auditing system without compromising of performance.

Flexible interfaces configuration
Built-in 8 ports of FE and maximum exnteions of 4 ports GE, you can implement different operation mode on different interface as well. You can deploy AG Series in any network point as your necessary.

Easy and secure management
AG Series adopt B/S management architecture. All the administrator needs to prepare is a computer installing with Internet Explorer (IE) browser. With secure SSL connections, administrators can manager AG Series any time, any where.

Here Enterprise and SMB shows you more detail about AceNet AG Series products.

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