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AceReporter is a software product designed for network traffic gathering, searching, analyzing and generating reports. Collaborate with AceNet AG series products powerful log and filter function, AceReporter provides rich statistic data and reports to help IT managers to figure out what´s happening  with their networks and make the right decision to control the damage.

Major features:

  • Traffic statistic

    Rich network traffic statistic information includes: IP statistic, IP group statistic and service statistic. IT manager can realize the relationship between single IP address, address group or network services at a glance. 

  • Completed network session logs

    By checking with the completed session logs, IT manager can track back any abused behavior. Not only source/destination IP address, protocol and port, AceReporter also displays the layer 7 application name.

  • Subscriber network behavior analysis

    As a powerful reporting tool, AceReporter also provides IT manager the function of traffic audit. Go with AG series products, AceReporter is able to log subscriber´s URL log, e-mail log, FTP log, IM log, etc.

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Operation platform recommendation:

Operation System Windows NT 4.0 (SP5 or above)
  Windows 2000 Professional or Server(SP1 or above)
  Windows XP Professional (SP2 or above)
  WIndows 2003 Server
CPU Pentium4 2.4 G or above
Memory 1G or above
Storage(Program)  100MB
Storage(Data)  600MB or above

Download the latest product datasheet from [HERE].

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