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Bandwidth Management

Subscriber or Group based bandwidth allocation

AG series has very unique way to protect the network usage of individuals, groups or designated IPs. Via such bandwidth managements, their network usage and application can be further protected. IT manager can easily configure the AG series to limit the bandwidth usage of network abusers or lower priority users, or even guarantee that of higher priority users or VIP whenever they intend to use the network. The users to be allocated the bandwidth, no matter setting limits or guarantees, can always be classified in advance as individuals (IPs) or groups. Where, grouping the users can be randomly selected instead of being limited by subnets or VLANs. 

Application based bandwidth allocation

Application visibility is the other important function of AG series products. Base on the DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and DFI (Deep Flow Inspection) technologies, AG series product can aware the types of applications are running over the network. Similar to the subscriber based bandwidth management, IT manager can also protect the bandwidth of application by setting limitations or guarantees. For example, video conference or VoIP applications can be set as “VIP” of applications and being protected by bandwidth guarantees. In the other hand, the bandwidth of those unwanted applications such as P2P movie downloads can be limited to assigned bandwidth to further protect other applications’ bandwidth usages.

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