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FloWALL™ Overview
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FloWALL™ Overview

FloWALL™ is an innovative concept of network resource and security management.

Traditional firewall only provides your network the layer 4 protection. It has nothing to do with those subscribers who abuse the network resources. The obvious and common issue is that most people treat network resources simply by available bandwidth, more resources are usually abused by the applications without notices.

Typically network resources include:

  •  Bandwidth
  •  Session
  •  Communication Port
  •  Network device utilization

Depletion of any one of these resources may bring the network to a serious crash. Unlike bandwidth got the most attentions, session management are usually ignored by IT managers. To well protect your network, more should be considered for todays network security.

The problems now and future
Traditional network security is no longer sufficient
No matter how good the security is, there are always ways to attack. Malicious users will always exist in the network. Tradition network security only provides the 1st line defense, reducing the impact as the 2nd line of defense should be also considered while the 1st line of network security is not well functioned for the new type of attack or abuse.

Network applications visibility management
More and more large bandwidth/session-consumed network applications developed and implemented nowadays. Distinguishing these applications and locating the corresponding users with measured indication became much more important in the future.

NAT (Network Address Translation) performance
NAT performance needs to be dramatically increased to serve large scale companies or enterprises with significant subscribers.

Complexity of multiple equipment management
IT managers may implement many different equipments to solve different network problems. Highly integrated features appliance then are introduced to reduce IT managers loading. However, performance problem then become a tradeoff while using the CPU or NP based (software based) appliance with enabling multiple features, especially when the performance requirement is driven by the video applications. With professions of IC implementation, AceNet has developed the "true hardware" based appliance for both function complexity and performance.

FloWALL™ is a trademark of AceNet Technology. Free FloWALL™ usage license is now available to the public with simple registrations. 

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